X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 9.88”

X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 9.88” Full Touch Screen Dual Lens with 1296P Front and 720P Super Night Vision Stream Media Backup Camera kit, WDR,LDWS, GPS Tracking,Auto-Brightness Adjusting

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X1PRO firmware have been updated in Nov.16th 2018.

1. Parking Lines can be adjusted.
2. When playback on X1PRO dash cam, the video can be fast forwarded or rewinded.

Note: SD card is not included.

Warm Tips for Parking Monitoring:

1. Increase the frequency of charging the vehicle’s battery: If the parking monitoring function is always on, we recommend you to check the battery condition within 36 hours to avoid losing power; in winter, it would be better to check it within 24hours.

2. Using Jumper starter: If the car parked over 36 hours and you want to keep the parking monitoring turn on all the time, we recommend you to connect the dash cam with a jumper starter. Please select the appropriate power cable according to the type of the device’s interface.

PS: Jump starter requires 12000mAh capacity, and 5V 2A output.

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  • Streaming Media Mirror Dash Cam: The front camera records at 1296P, and with a rate of 30fps. You’ll always have instant HD images or videos on the 9.88’’ screen monitor for crashes, stops, and all those other OMG moments. A full touch screen definitely makes it much easier to set the menu and you could slide up and down with your fingernails for more visual space.
  • Parking Mode & G-Sensor: X1 Pro is directly connected to the car fuse box(ACC) for constant power. Built-in G-sensor can auto-lock recorded video when detecting any collision. The recorded videos can be very important evidence to protect your interests.
  • Automatic Start Function: The monitor can be auto-activated to start recording when the car starts and can be auto-adjusted the brightness according to the ambient light. What’s more, the backup camera can automatically tilt down the angle when reversing. Guidelines are also adjustable by swiping up and down.
  • LDWS & GPS tracking: Lane departure warning system warns you audible alarm when your car is off track or veering into the arterial road with the speed up to 24 Mph. It can reduce car accidents which caused by fatigue driving. GPS tracking system records accurate speed, direction and route, you can playback video clips on PC easily (Note:The PC needs network when playing the driving route.)
  • 4 Size of Adapters For Cars: We provide 4 different sizes of adapters in the package, you can find the most suitable one for your car. If not, please contact us at service@auto-vox.com, we will send a customized one to help you.

Top Reviews

very convenient to use!
THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME! The customer service helped me in EVERY STEP of the way to get this dash cam mounted on my slingshot. They also helped in every question I had with wiring and how the features work. Definitely will recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a dash cam solution and also a rearview camera. This unit helps me record the footage in the front and rear of the vehicle, and on top of that, I can even use the screen to look in the back since I have a big blind spot. One minor thing is the glare on the screen. As you can see in the daytime picture, there’s a lot of glare coming from the screen, but that can be solved by putting anti-glare on it.

Added as a Jeep Wrangler Rear View Mirror
I have a large tire on an AEV tire carrier on the back of my Jeep Wrangler and am unable to see out the back using the original rear view mirror. I replaced the mirror with the X1Pro and mounted the camera in the spare tire. I now can see out the back using the X1Pro system while I’m driving down the road. As an added bonus you can pan the picture down and see pretty close up to the back bumper. I use this feature when I’m hooking my jeep up to a trailer so that I can see how close the trailer hitch is to the ball mount. I spent alot of time running the camera wire through the rear door for a “clean” installation. The rest of the wire running and mounting was fairly easy.

Great product and excellent customer service
I bought the X1 Pro about 7 months ago for my Jeep Wrangler for recording 4-wheeling trips and for commuting. The backup camera is a real safety improvement because it’s hard to see out the back of lifted jeep with an oversize spare tire. Because you can digitally scroll the overscanned backup view to look down, right behind the vehicle, it’s handy for rock crawling or even just backing up in your driveway. 😉,…

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