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What Is a Gaming Chair

What Is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are available in 2 distinct varieties. The first, created for PC gaming, resembles a high-backed business office seat with a metal frame that is mounted on casters, and swivels.

The other is enhanced for platform systems (X Box, Playstation, etc.). These resemble recliners or loungers with sleek, futuristic hair styling, several of that are usually very small towards the floor.

Both kinds are created for extremely long duration seating with even better lumbar support and greater convenience than the conventional office chairs or maybe recliners that inspired them and will offer a selection of “extras” such as built-in speakers, glass holders, as well as the like.

Gaming Chairs

Main Usage

As the title implies, these seats are largely used for gaming, which means they have got to be made for coziness, due to the fact as any gamer knows, there is no this kind of point as sitting bad for “just a few minutes” of gameplay.

Actually, many South Korean game enthusiasts have died participating in games, since they forgot to consume and died from a combination of starvation, dehydration, and then exhaustion.

Clearly, those severe cases, though the point is the fact that gaming is a time-intensive hobby, and a regular office chair or maybe recliner simply will not cut it.

While living room recliners may be appreciated for 6 or maybe 8 hours in a stretch without any triggering discomfort, and the best office chairs are great for a comparable time, gaming chairs tend to be a lot more comfortable, making it possible for gamers to sit down in them for 12 16 hours, and longer!

We pointed out previously that there have been 2 different kinds of gaming seats, each enhanced for a specific type of gamer. That is because PCs often be put in place on computer desks, and that creates an office chair the ideal foundation to produce a computer gaming chair.

On another hand, platform methods tend to be hooked up to living room tv sets, which create recliners the better decision to base wedge gaming chairs around.

There’s some overlap right here, however. A type of hybrid third category which could technically be used for both gaming types, and we will protect the complete details of all 3 in the following section, along with a few interesting variants and subtypes.

Types of Gaming Chairs

  • PC Gaming Chairs
  • Platform Gaming Chairs
  • Hybrids

PC Gaming Chairs

Provided that the go-to choice of seating for expertise employees everywhere would be the office chair, it will make good sense that a separate PC gaming chair expanded from those origins. This very first photo is a somewhat standard example, and you are able to see the similarities between this and the standard format, ergonomic business office chair.

While there are a few similarities, you will also notice several key differences, starting with the reality that the gaming seat possesses a bucket-style seat and additional padding. Moreover, the armrests are height adjustable, and these chairs provide added lumbar support. Some models actually add a small pillow along with a recline feature.

Much more advanced models this way one has speakers included in the headrest.

Platform Gaming Chairs

Platform gaming seats are a different animal entirely. Most commonly, these keep the normal look of a recliner but are often set on the floor this way.

Nearly all models are able to rock, plus have side pockets for saving game controllers. The ones that do not have built-in speakers have headphone jacks.

When you are searching for a chair that blends both function and form, then something this way will do the job very well for platform game enthusiasts, but because you are able to see just by the form of the chair, it’d make a poor PC gaming chair.


A common hybrid chair is installed on a swivel base, giving it an appearance that is closer to a workplace chair, though it has got the shape and padding you usually see in recliners. A common example looks something like this:

Higher hybrids this way come with numerous monitors, built-in multichannel surround sound speakers, along a bunch of game management mechanisms (note the steering wheel, used to relax racing games).

When you are searching for the supreme in gaming experiences, this particular chair known as the Emperor, is a pathetic illustration of what is possible. Clearly, a chair this way is not likely to fit into everyone’s finances or maybe home aesthetic, but for the diehard gamer, this’s an excellent choice.

Brief History and origin

Gaming chairs trace their history back to the first 1980s. 3 quite interesting things have been going on at that time, and also their convergence is what eventually resulted in the development of the very first gaming chairs.

For starters, the pc was moving from the premium domain of the business arena and becoming increasingly prevalent in homes.

Next, the very first platform gaming systems are created and proved to be extremely popular.

Third, the concept of the house entertainment center was increasing traction and turning a hallmark of middle-class households.

The convergence of these 3 trends resulted in the phenomenon of “cocooning,” which saw increasing amounts of individuals spending increasingly more time inside, and correspondingly less time reaching each other outdoor environment, which was the trend that resulted in the improvement of gaming chairs.

As materials sciences and engineering have gone on to advance, these sorts of chairs increased in intricacy and also the number of choices offered.

You are able to obtain chairs with cup holders, built-in speakers, rub heads, swing arms that hold monitors, and much more.

Some Current Brands of Gaming Chairs

  • OP-Seat
  • X-Rocker
  • Need For Seat

And, as an effort of interest, in case you would love to get the hands of yours on the Emperor, here is the manufacturer’s site: Emperor.

Final Note: In case you do not wish to restrict your thinking to an easy chair, you do not have to. Some companies likewise make gaming sofas this way.

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