TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System Design & Durability

TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System Design & Durability

Here is the best Strength Training Equipment: TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System Design & Durability| Includes Three Anchor Solutions, 8 Video Workouts & 8-Week Workout Program!

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Train the whole body by combining variable-resistance body-weight coaching and parts of instability with movement. The TRX PRO three Suspension Trainer is our strongest, most secure Suspension Trainer with durable, straightforward to wash rubber handles, a protection carabinier to discourage thievery and 3 different varieties of anchors for optimum versatility. Weighing but a pair of lbs., the Suspension Trainer needs least cupboard space and may simply founded anywhere. Challenge yourself et al with our professional trainer developed eight-week exercising program, 5 body-part specific digital workouts, one 30-minute total body digital workout and two bonus workout videos! This is also the best, and last, piece of fitness instrumentation you’ll ever use.

The planet earth is your gym

Why TRX?

TRX Suspension Training created Bodyweight Suspension Training and has developed the highest quality training gear and workouts for you to achieve your goals, regardless of your fitness objectives. Using just your body weight, TRX allows you to advance your workout simply by adjusting your body to use more, or less, gravity. With our patented design single anchor point and locking loop, you will maximize your training.

TRX PRO3 Suspension

Product Features

  • OUR MOST VERSATILE TRAINING SYSTEM! TRX’s PRO3 Suspension Trainer Kit helps you create intense full-body workouts Anytime, Anywhere! Features 3 Suspension Anchors, Ergonomic Suspension Strap Handles, Locking Carabiner, Pro-Trainer 8-Week Workout Guide & 8 Training Videos— Download the TRX App for a FREE 30 Day Trial and discover workouts that will help you train smarter, not harder.
  • INCREDIBLE RESULTS IN JUST 20 MINUTES! TRX gives you the power to hit fitness goals at home or on the go! Our digital workouts teach you EASY Core Strengthening Exercises that Rapidly Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility—helping you take total control of your Health & Well-Being FAST!
  • TRAIN EVERYWHERE! TRX anchors to any door, rafter, beam, tree, pole or post in seconds that supports 350 lbs. Lightweight & Affordable, our PRO3 lets you train at home or in your hotel room—GET IN SHAPE FAST at sports complexes, parks and playgrounds too!
  • NEVER PAY PRICEY GYM & PERSONAL TRAINER FEES AGAIN! Our PRO3 needs NO weights, bars or other specialized fitness equipment to help you EARN Your Dream Body NOW! GUARANTEED to reinvigorate how you Look, Feel & Think—all while Saving Time & Money!
  • MOVEMENT-BASED TRAINING WHEN YOU WANT, HOW YOU WANT! Learn 7 Simple Foundational Moves fast that anyone can do: Push, Pull, Plank, Squat, Lunge, Hinge & Rotate against gravity while Flexing Your Whole Body into Perfect Shape… Then Hit NEXT-LEVEL INTENSITY by designing limitless workout routines—TRX helps you Achieve All Fitness Goals FAST!

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