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The best way to purchase the ideal change table for your baby

table for your baby

Choose one that is easy and safe to operate, to find out you through those countless nappy changes.

An ordinary baby goes through approximately 6000 nappies, so when you are elbow deep in the baby by-product several times one day for a few years, you need the experience to be as effective as you can for yourself and as safe as you possibly can for your small body.

You will find three primary types of change tables you will find in shops:

  • Wooden tables with 2 or 3 tiers of drawers.
  • Portable folding tables with a metal frame as well as fabric physique.
  • Tables that feature an infant bath under the switch surface.

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What to look for


  • A change table must be good, steady and also have some form of roll-off safety, like raised sides, to stop a kid rolling off the changing area.
  • It must also be free of dangers like edges that are sharp or maybe a finger or maybe limb traps.
  • The side barriers preferably should be no less than 100mm substantial; this’s sufficient to avoid roll off when the table is used properly and is uncomplicated to check out in-store before you purchase, which is the reason why CHOICE encourages manufacturers to create the tables of theirs with sides of this particular height. (In the tests of ours, a number of tables with shorter sides of the paper than this particular have elapsed the roll-off test, though it is a good rule of thumb.)
  • A restraint strap is able to help secure the baby of yours, but just isn’t a replacement for proper attention and normal security measures.
  • Harnesses are helpful for some serenity of brain, but once again you should never wholly rely on them to maintain your infant secure.
  • The table must be well balanced to stay away from tipping.

Storage space

  • The modification table needs lots of storage space to preserve nappies, wipes, other baby necessities, and lotion within arm’s access, therefore you do not need to go long or even get your eye off junior to fetch items.
  • Check that the shelves or maybe drawers are large enough to be handy, and also in a handy position for the area in the nursery in which you will place the table.
  • Multiple sides and shelves trays offer the most storage space, but a dinner table with only one shelf is still beneficial.


  • Select something different table which fits the height of yours, which means you will not need to bend or even reach far while changing nappies (which, keep in mind, you will be engaging in about 6000 times!).


  • If you’re quite short on room, a foldable modification table might be a great deal.


  • Only some change tables consist of a mattress, therefore you might have to purchase one separately.


  • Examine whether the change dinner table has castors at the bottom, of course, if thus, if the castors have braking system.

So much ease of cleaning

  • The transforming surface must be simple to clean bad when messes occur (and they will!). The mattress or padding must additionally be easy to clean.

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Top five strategies for switching your baby safely

  • Ensure collapsible frames are locked properly available before use.
  • Keep the products had to replace your infant close at hand but from the reach of theirs.
  • Ensure the modification table is devoid of small objects which could cause choking.
  • Make an effort to retain one hand on the baby of yours at all times while modifying them. Do not leave your baby unattended for a switch table, even just to grab a thing throughout the room; just take them with you.
  • Be skeptical of older siblings climbing up on change tables, particularly models with pull out drawers which can act as steps or unbalance the table.

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