Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board, Inflatable SUP Board, iSUP Package with All Accessories

SOOPOTAY New Release Racing SUP board — Adding New Thrill to Your Paddle Boarding Life

SOOPOTAY Glider, longer and quicker, was designed for paddlers United Nations agency need to require their paddle boarding to consecutive level. When leisure all spherical paddle boarding becomes monotonous, the Glider can add a replacement thrill to your paddle board experience. It is that the good expansive paddle board for fitness training, long distance paddling or just going fast on the water, the athletics form and cutting bow will carry the speed.

It’s AN expansive paddle board that is straightforward to transport, store reception and is super durable. The Glider is built with military grade PVC creating it rigid enough to achieve similar speeds as an epoxy paddle board and sturdy enough to drop on concrete.


  • SUP Board Dimension: Soopotay inflatable racing SUP board measures at 12’6” x 30” x 6” with max capacity of 375 lbs, weighs only 22 lbs for your light carry, inflation or deflation < 7min, max PSI: 15
  • Optimized Construction Manifests Performance: purely hand-made, Multilevel stitch layers construction which is optimized, weight saving but stable; stiff at lower pressure; enhanced durability; maintains rigid shape, airtight and easy to roll
  • Racing SUP Board Fast Speed: perfect inflatable paddle board for fitness training, long distance paddles, or simply going fast on the water. The Glider will add a new thrill to your paddle board experience
  • Special Design: 6 D-rings with extendable bungees on the front to attach your gears, 【4 D-rings in the middle of the board side to attach sup seat(not included) and shoulder strap】, a tail handle for your to drag, a D-ring on the tail for your to attach ankle leash or dock
  • Guarantee and SUP Package Includes All: inflatable standup paddle board, SUP paddle, coil leash, center fin, backpack, pump, dry bag, eye-glass rope, waterproof phone case. We offer 30 days no risk return + 1 year material guarantee + reliable after-sales service, contact Soopotay directly for whatever reason, we will offer effective solution

Best Reviews

Love this high quality inflatable SUP board!
I am in love with this SOOPOTAY inflatable SUP board! My family and I are enjoying it so much! My daughter wants one of her own now. I had never stepped foot on a SUP until now, and I was so excited to get right on it and start paddling. Inflating it and setting it up was so easy too. The pump is super easy to use and it inflates the board so quickly. The pump also deflates it just as quick when you are packing it back up. Carrying the inflated board is so easy with the attached handle, and the board is so lightweight...

Blew me out of the water
The paddle-board blew my expiation out of the water. For the cost of the paddle-board the quantity blew my expectation. I live in central Ohio and have 3 large rivers and many lakes within 30 mins from me. I wanted a paddle bored for me and my son to enjoy, and the physical exercise it requires. Its stable with both me and my 6 year old (him sitting). It will be wide enough to take a break on the lake while sitting…

A high quality iSup Perfect for beginners and experts alike
When one lives in South Florida surrounded by water, one needs to take advantage of it at every opportunity. I also own a inflatable kayak, but what I really wanted was a Stand up paddle board. I put it off for many years because the cost was simply too high or the quality of the less expensive ones was lacking. This paddle board strikes the ideal balance (pun!) of affordability, quality and portability...

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