How To Choose The Best Bunk Bed For Your Kids

When you’re trying to find the best double bunk beds for your kids, there are several choices on the market. While this can be great, it seems that it’s going to create your life a touch sophisticated as a result of you don’t recognize what to seem for exactly.

So, we tend to thought of doable solutions. We may have bought 2 bambino beds or twin beds. We could have bought one full or large pad for them to share. We could simply have our new baby sleep within the pack n’ play for a protracted time.

Whiles this looks to be a lot of things to own in mind, don’t worry. By the top of this guide, you could be certain that you’ll be ready to decide on the proper bunk for your kids.

1. Age of your kids

The age of your kid is a serious influences once it comes to picking the proper bed. For younger kids, safety ought to be of prime concern. Look for a bunk bed with high railings, tiny stairs and as expected a lot of storage which might be utilized by your kid to store their toys.

For older kids, safety becomes less of a problem and elegance becomes a priority. Themed bunk beds are a hot favorite for teenagers.

2. Stairs Or Ladders

It is very important to think about factors like safety, storage and therefore the positioning of bed before selecting between stairs and ladders. For smaller children, it’s safer to want bunk beds with stairs. Older kids can but love ladders as they’re sensible at leveling themselves and realize it swashbuckling to get on their beds with ladders.

3. Height

Considering the peak of the lower and better bed is incredibly vital once it involves bunk beds. The lower bed ought to have lots of area to fulfill your kid’s requirement. As your child grows, there should be enough area for him/her to be able to sit well while not banging their head above.

The same goes for the bed on top. You ought to opt for a bed with additional head area on top of as well. Consider however high or low the roof is so choose the bed accordingly.

4. Separation Of Beds

Your children are certain to grow. If you aren’t keen on shopping for another set of bed after they grow up, then you ought to want bunk beds that are often simply born-again into single beds once would like arises.

5. Storage Space

If storage is crucial for you, then bunk beds are the proper selection for you. Most of them keep company with stairs drawers, hooked up desks, shelves and bottom bunks. What a flexible piece of furniture!

6. Bunk Beds Safety

Like with any kind furniture that you buy for your kid’s room, you need to make sure that you have all the protection and safety in place to avoid any accidents and injuries.

7. Aesthetics. 

Do you like how the bed looks?  Is the wood sanded and polished nice and smooth?  Or is the wood gritty feeling?  Do the drawers (if applicable) slide nicely in and out?  Do you like the color of the wood or metal?  Do you like how the bunks look when separated?  If you like DIY projects then these may not be as important to you, but if you don’t want to have to worry about these things, it is important to consider.

8. Bunk Bed Styles

Many people still tend to think that bunk beds are fishing camp beds. Bunk beds have evolved and you’ll be able to find many different bunk bed styles to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for(Industrial, Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Rustic or Scandinavian style).

9. Cost. 

We, like most people, always look for a great deal.  And you’d be surprised how quickly the price of bunk beds can escalate, but also how unstable and unsafe the cheapest (~$150) new bunk beds can feel.

My suggestion is always to shop around.  Figure out what features are most important to you of the nine points I listed above.  Safety, of course, should be a top concern, so the materials and construction of the bed should be among your top priorities.

After reading this article you may able to find the popular double bunk beds for your kids as well!

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