Cubii Jr. – Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

Get Fit While You Sit – Built-in Display Monitor – Whisper-Quiet – Adjustable Resistance – Easy to Assemble

Cubii is a pretty product with a proprietary style that’s ergonomic. It’s designed to be low to no impact on joints, therefore it becomes unconscious. It is that the solely elliptical that connects to a mobile app, Fit bit, & Apple Health Kit to track, share, & compete, creating it a singular community experience.

Product features:

  • Cubii is the leading compact ergonomic elliptical to work out while you sit at home and office.
  • Low impact on joints with 8 levels of resistance to increase your activity over time.
  • Whisper quiet with a smooth gliding motion. Quick and easy assemble. 4 screws and you are done!
  • Keep Fit While You Sit, you can multitask with the Cubii to make exercise a breeze.
  • A built- in display monitor tracks real time, calories, RPM, strides and distance.

Cubii Jr. – Seated Under-Desk Elliptical – Get Fit While You Sit – Built-in Display Monitor – Whisper-Quiet – Adjustable Resistance – Easy to Assemble
Cubii Jr. Recommended

Best Selected Reviews:

Wow. My legs ache
I wanted to wait until my home office was set up before I wrote this review. Today is the first day that I am using my Cubii and I have to say that my legs are already getting a workout. I have my Fitbit tracker shoved into my sock and since 8:am I have already peddled 5785 steps. The machine is super quiet and I am alone in my office so I would hear the squeaking. My old machine was very noisy. If my legs ache at the lowest setting, I am kind of afraid to turn it up until I give my legs a few days to adjust. My goal is 10,000 steps a day. I really love this little machine. What I noticed first is that you peddle rather than push out (like my old machine.) I have a standing desk and it is very easy to adjust the height so my knees do not hit the keyboard tray...

Cubii…One Year Review
I purchased my Cubii from Amazon January 9th 2018 and have it set up under my computer desk at home. I use the machine three to four times everyday 30 minutes at a time. After 6 months of use the wheels wore through the rubber pads on the base of the machine. I contacted Cubii and Justin immediately sent me two sets of replacement pads at no cost. In November my right foot pedal developed a crack at my right instep. I contacted Cubii and Ivana immediately sent me a right replacement pedal at no cost. Then on January 17 2019 my Cubii started making a loud squeaking noise and the bar which connects the right pedal to the large tension wheel broke making my machine inoperable. I contacted Cubii and Ivana once again immediately handled my issue. She emailed me a return postage label for my damaged Cubii and sent me a replacement Cubii at no cost. The Cubii is an outstanding machine and I have received great results toning my legs without experiencing any knee or leg pain. But what really stands out to me is Cubii’s excellent customer service and a company that really backs their product. So if you are in the market for a portable elliptical machine you have nothing to loose by choosing a Cubii. Many thanks again to the Cubii Team!!!

Honestly Pretty Good
Had a “generic” one of these a few years back, and it was loud/annoying, I never used it. Was pleasantly surprised with this one, took a chance and bought it on sale which was not much more than the generic one I previously purchased. The packaging was nice, it was a super easy setup. Despite what other reviewers say, this thing is incredibly quiet compared to the competition. In my open office setting, you can’t even hear it at all. One thing I’d recommend is bringing another pair of gym shoes to the office and leaving them there because your current office shoes will start to smell if you continually use them with this. That being said, it’s a nice way to get some simple exercise in while you do reports or just general work. For most people, you’ll get more use from this than a Peloton which costs 10-15x, and for that reason alone it wins. I don’t use any of the associated tracking, so I can’t comment on that. The angled pedals do work well under my traditional style desk setup and I use it with both a regular office chair and an “exercise ball” balance chair with no issues.

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